About Our Family Adoptions
Where does hope begin for Africa's children? It begins with compassionate hearts that care enough to give so that these needy little ones can live. Born in a corner of the world, that faces overwhelming challenges, children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) live amidst the shadow of civil war and struggle daily just for a piece of bread. Please consider adoption and help us meet the needs of these beautiful children. Our Family Adoptions (OFA) is non-profit adoption 501(c)(3) organization based in Camas, WA, partnering with families and the community to provide loving homes and support to orphans from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In the event families wish to adopt, a volunteered licensed attorney provides legal services for US immigration purposes.

How To Adopt

If you're new to international adoption, then you may already be asking questions like: Is it for me? How do I do it? How long does it take? How much will it cost? Our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) page, written by adoptive parents, answers some of the common questions. However, please call us for an appointment and one of us would be pleased to speak to you about the possibility of adoption.

We are committed to assisting needy children both through the location of adoptive families, and through financial contributions, sponsorship and donations.

All it takes is one miraculous moment to change the life of a child...just one special moment of care... this may be your moment to give a child a second chance. Thank you in advance for considering OFA and for saving the lives of these special children.

Our Family Adoptions
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